Productos destacados

Step 1: Choose a USB Flash Drive

Need a useful and unique promotional gift? Choose a USB memory that best suits your needs. Select any of our precast and customize the flash drive with your brand or logo. Choose the material, shape, size or style you want that would be perfect for your promotion, events, gift and ask for a free quote today. But if you prefer, we can design your very own unique flash drive; preparing for you a virtual sample so you can see your ideas come to life (minimum order of 200 units).

Step 2: Make the quote

Once you know which flash-drive you would like to customize you just make a quote to estimate which model or models best suit your requirements. You choose how many units you need and the accessories or data entry services, software you would like to include on to the flash-drive. Also, you can choose what type of printing and order a virtual sample to see how your custom flash-drive would look like. It's easy, fast and comfortable, in a couple of minutes you can have the quote ready.

Step 3: Secure payment

Add all the quotes that you want to your shopping cart. If you register you can always have a saved models and previous quotes. As well as previous purchases you have made with USBMODELS. We recommend you include in your quote any of our flash drives and packaging’s. To conclude your order you only have to click on 'CHECKOUT' and pay for any of the models available. In a few days you will have your order to the delivery address indicated by you. Thank you for trusting USBMODELS! We are always available; please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions, ideas or comments.